Great attention. For a great Client.

Magician Aleksander Dumala is the highest level entertainment. He can easily perform outstanding feats for a sophisticated clientele as celebrities, politicians, CEOs, people from the first pages of Forbes a.s.o., who - seemingly - have seen it all.

Pokaz iluzji z Nataszą Urbańską, Januszem Józefowiczem i Teatrem Buffo

VIP Show. Has many faces.

Private party for a small gathering of friends, a bigger Event for the famous faces or maybe an after-party after a TV reality show? Magic performance is the unequaled way of bringing smiles to all present faces.

Pokaz iluzji z Grupą MoCarta

What happens on a VIP Show, Stays at the VIP Show.

All our Magic Shows are light and joyful. They can be arranged to suit a themed event. All the details are chosen on an individual basis, regarding the event characteristic. We are discreet.

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