Magical Cherry on the very special day.

Cheerful, light and fun Wedding Magic Show is the best idea for a Wedding attraction. Part of the repertoire is specially designed for the Newlywed Couple, but the whole performance entertains everyone present!

Magiczny ślub, iluzja na weselu, iluzjonista

For Newlyweds. And for guests.

The performance can be a surprise for the Newlywed Couple, or a gift for all the guests. The show is funny and light and we al have fun during it!

Small party or a truly big wedding? Magic performs well regardless of the number of people present :)

Kameralne przyjęcie wieselne z magią

Unforgettable experience, that looks good on photos.

Each magical routine happens with an active participation from the guests. It's in their hands that things change, or disappear. And iduring the finale, while wishing the Newlyweds all the best, I magically appear a few thousand of... but no, maybe I'll leave it as a mystery :)

Pokaz iluzji na magicznym ślubie